Happy 420 Day! Beware the Smell.

Happy 420 Day! Fun Fact: All of the clocks in Pulp Fiction show the time to be 4:20 – it is worth the time to go back and watch (re-watch) this film. Odor of Marijuana The smell or odor of marijuana is still “suggestive of criminal activity” according to the Colorado Supreme Court. The Colorado […]

Colorado Felony DUI Bill to Go to House Feb. 5th

On February 5th, a bill proposing a new Colorado felony DUI law (House Bill, HB, 1043) is schedule to be presented before the Colorado House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. Currently, DUI charges in Colorado are misdemeanors, and there is no option for filing felony DUI charges against someone (though other felony charges can be filed […]

Can Cops Take Blood Samples from Unconscious DUI Suspects without Warrants?

This important question may soon be answered by the U.S. Supreme Court if it agrees to review and rule on a controversial Colorado DUI case. In fact, more than 12 attorneys general in the U.S. have backed the petition to request that the Supreme Court make a ruling in the Colorado DUI case in question […]

Public Defenders: 4 Reasons to Not Trust Them with Your Defense (Pt. 1)

One of the fundamental rights that people have when they’ve been accused of some crime is the right to have an attorney represent them moving forward with their case. Because not everyone may have the resources to retain a private defense attorney, the courts offer people the services of a public defender when these people […]

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