Todd Heideman

Todd is a former amateur boxer, and lifelong martial arts practitioner, who brings that same sense of energy, hard work, focus, toughness and discipline to the courtroom. He fights hard – for our clients, for what is right, for exceptional outcomes. The tenacity that litigation requires is what really gets his adrenaline flowing, and he is well-respected for his work in criminal defense and domestic relations, and managing the personalities involved in each.

Prior to joining LFM Defense, Todd operated his own practice, and was a founding partner at Just Law. He also served as a law clerk for former Denver District Court Chief Judge Larry J. Naves, and for former Denver District Court Judge Christina M. Habas.

Todd’s background and experience provide him with the knowledge and ability to offer high quality legal representation to all of his clients. Todd grew up the son of a homicide detective and a social worker and, at an early age, developed a desire to devote his life to fighting for the underdog. Todd enjoys spending his free time with his children, playing old man softball, and online chess.