Denver General Sessions Court Defense Lawyers

The municipal court in Denver is generally referred to as Denver City Court or Denver General Sessions Court. The criminal charges amount to violations of the Denver City Code of Ordinances. Each and every charge, unless expressly exempted, is punishable by up to a year in jail and or a $999.00 fine. See generally, Revised Municipal Code of the City and County of Denver or abbreviated as DRMC.

Denver General Sessions criminal cases are prosecuted by attorneys from the Denver City Attorney’s Office. These are professional full time prosecutors who are specifically trained to convict those charged with Denver City Code violations. It is common for these prosecutors to seek lengthy jail sentences for persons accused of violations of the DRMC.

The rules of procedure, the Colorado Rules of Municipal Court Procedure, favor the prosecutor because the rule related to what the prosecution has to give the accused (Discovery) is very limited. Therefore, you must have an experienced lawyer familiar with the particular rules related to Denver General Sessions Court.

Denver General Sessions Defense Lawyers

The bulk of cases in the Denver General Sessions Court are categorized as “Domestic Violence.” The designation of a case as Domestic Violence has the same negative collateral impacts on the accused as state Domestic Violence charges. Being charged in Denver Sessions Court with a Domestic Violence charge will cause the offender to forfeit his/her firearm rights, attend mandatory domestic violence counseling, and subject the accused to a mandatory protection order. Common domestic violence charges in Denver General Sessions Court include:
Assault Sec 38-93
Threats Sec 38-92
Disturbance of the peace Sec 38-89
Disturbance of use of telephone Sec 38-91

If you are facing charges in the Denver General Sessions Court, call the experienced Denver General Sessions Defense Lawyers at LFM Defense, (720) 644-5342.

Aurora Municipal Court Defense Lawyers

Approximately 49,000 criminal cases are filed in the Aurora Municipal Court each and every year. This is one of the busiest courthouses in the State of Colorado. Every case whether it be juvenile curfew, barking and or vicious dog, traffic, or the various assault and battery type cases, including those deemed Domestic Violence are prosecuted by the Aurora City Attorney’s Office. Pursuant to the City Code of the City of Aurora, unless another penalty is specified, each ordinance violation is punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $2650.00 fine. Yes a $2650.00 fine!

Fine of $2650.00!  The high stakes dictate that you need a Defense Lawyer familiar with the Aurora Municipal Court!

Domestic Violence cases are of paramount importance to the Aurora City Attorney’s Office.  A battered women’s advocacy agency and shelter, Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter, has an office inside the prosecutor’s offices and they work hand in hand with a specialized police program to provide litigation services and subpoena service to city prosecutors.

A conviction for domestic violence out of the Aurora Municipal Court has the same negative collateral consequences as a domestic violence conviction in state court.  Perhaps paramount is the loss of a person’s right to own or possess a firearm.  If you are charged with Assault, Battery, Destruction of Property or some other type of municipal domestic violence charge, please contact the experienced Municipal Court Defense Lawyers at LFM Defense, (720) 644-5342.

Although the City of Aurora is trying to “clean up” the City’s image, East Colfax Avenue splits the City into the Arapahoe County and Adams County sides.  Through the years, Colfax has been known as an area rife with hookers, pimps, and drugs.  Street prostitution is illegal and because the City is attempting to cleanse this area of the City (now known as the “Fitzsimons District”), the City Council mandates strict enforcement of all prostitution or solicitation cases.  These types of cases are considered crimes of moral turpitude and may impact employment opportunities, professional licensing, and perhaps more importantly family tranquility.

There may be various defenses to Prostitution and or Solicitation charges.  The Denver Defense Lawyers at LFM Defense have successfully handled these types of cases previously.  If you are charged with Prostitution or Solicitation in Aurora Municipal Court, call LFM Defense (720) 644-5342 immediately.