“Denver’s Premier Criminal Defense Attorneys”

LFM Defense is a leader among Colorado’s Criminal Defense lawyers. Our attorneys doggedly represent each of their clients with an untiring devotion to criminal defense. Their excellence as trial lawyers and their remarkable personal sacrifice made without regard to personal gain are the hallmarks of our practice and our reputation.

We’ve got your back.

Criminal charges can threaten your freedom, reputation, finances and family. The Denver based criminal defense attorneys at LFM Defense have your back.

Denver Murder / Assaults / Domestic Violence Attorneys

Denver Defense Attorneys Lisa Moses, Rob Werking, and Carmen Brooks are aggressive and experienced in defending all categories of violent crimes. We have proven ourselves in trial by obtaining not guilty verdicts in homicide, vehicular homicide, aggravated robbery, robbery, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, 3rd Degree Assault and cases deemed “domestic violence.”

Denver Sex Crime Attorneys

Being charged with a sex crime may lead to the loss of freedom, registration requirements, countless hours of therapy and being shunned by your former friends and family. The experienced attorneys at LFM Defense have successfully defended clients charged with sex assault, unlawful sexual contact, sexual assault on a child, child pornography, internet luring, prostitution/solicitation, and indecent exposure.

Denver Drug Crime Attorneys

The lawyers at LFM Defense aggressively defend clients charged with all drug crimes. We have a proven track record of successfully defending Drug Distribution and Manufacturing cases, Possession and Use cases, and Marijuana Cultivation cases. The attorneys at LFM Defense have won cases in the federal, state and municipal courts.

Denver Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Alcohol or Drug Attorneys

It is not just a “traffic ticket.”  The State of Colorado implemented draconian penalties for persons convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.  From the point the investigation begins with the officer observing the Vehicle In Motion through breath or blood testing, the attorneys at LFM Defense have particular training in defending these types of cases, including attending the prestigious Summer Session in DUI Defense at the Harvard Law School.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime or are concerned that you will be charged, please contact us to discuss your legal rights and receive professional advice regarding your case.